Logistics 4.0

Logistics 4.0

Health Check

With our guide, all the data is collected and visualized as heat-maps & route diagrams. Inefficiencies in slotting and picking are detected and optimizations are suggested. Comparisons with optimum route and the inefficiencies are reported.

Route Optimization

In the logistics tasks, thanks to implementing RTLS technologies, warehouses provide process visibility and create optimization that can save money, and increase productivity. The route is calculated and optimized, work order is examined and collection order is created using the criteria given by the company. Selectors (pickers) do not need to examine the work order and can start collecting immediately. Additionally, route optimization with location based services increases hand-picking efficiency by %20.

Route Assistance

Route assistance eliminates the time required to find an item to be picked. The route is visualized and provides step by step navigation. Selectors do not need to memorize the place of an item or layout of the warehouse. Slotting can be optimized continuously without risk of selectors getting lost inside the warehouse while searching for items.