Industry 4.0

1.Asset and Staff Tracking

Tracking assets & staff is highly essential to reduce search time, decrease over-purchasing, and increase performance due to minimizing inefficiencies and operating costs. You can use our location-based services to access information such as real-time location, speed, and alerts about your assets and staff. Moreover, you can immediately know when assets are ready to be re-allocated or re-deployed, understand space occupancy and improve asset availability. Additionally, you can understand how much time workers actively and passively spend on the job and where your staff’s real time location.

2.Safety and Security

In an emergency situation, learn employees’ locations and get alerts with our location-based safety services. You can get notifications when a worker enters or exits a specified area. If an employee falls down, automatic alerts are created and sent to authorized personel.

3. Advanced Analytics

All information about warehouse are gathered and displayed as heat maps and spagetti diagrams for the path. You can analyze traffic, eliminate risk of collisions, discover unnecessary tasks and movements, optimize the use of assets & routes & slotting, discover congested intersections, and measure employee performance with the collected data given by our services.