Mall & Retail Solutions

1.Where is my car?

What's the first thing you do when you park your car in shopping malls? You usually take a photo of where you parked your car. However, if you forget which door you entered to the shopping mall, then you must walk around the whole car park to find your car. With the help of “Where's My Car?” feature of PoiLabs, your car’s position is automatically detected when you have parked. If you wish, you can even find out the shortest route from the car park to the store or when you have finished shopping, you can navigate to your car by clicking one button without wasting your time.


Visitors can get directions for the store they want to go to, the nearest toilet or even the store that has a certain product with the help of indoor navigation. This way, visitors don't have to ask each other about the location of the stores or waste time when searching for a store.

3.Personal Location-Based Campaigns

Nowadays, the response rate of the mass campaigns is very low. Users are not interested in the content that is not related to them and they turn off notifications as a result. Therefore, location-based and personalized campaigns help companies increase their revenue as well as the customer loyalty.

4.Advanced Analytics

Most of the shopping malls are using technology to find out how many people have entered the shopping mall per day. Some of them can even see how many visits they have received for each floor. Beyond this information, Poi Labs can provide other detailed information such as people’s behavior in the shopping mall, which stores they go to, where they go to, which stores they pass-by, which floors they visit, how frequent their visits are, what the visit performances of the stores are. Thanks to this data, shopping malls can not only know their visitors better but also use this data when for store renting processes.

5.Employee Information and Tracking System:

The system which is installed inside the store allows companies to track the movements of their employees within the store. Also, the salesperson can display information about the visitor when they enter the store such as their profile, previous shopping activities, their segment and which products they prefer. Therefore, more suitable products are offered to the visitors and the rate of purchase at the store is increased.

6.Visually Impaired Navigation

Visually Impaired Navigation system developed by Poi Labs help shopping malls become more accessible. Ibeacon devices installed throughout the shopping mall allow visually impaired people to use voice-guided navigation and access any store they wish without help.

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