Meet PoiLabs, the Inclusive Indoor Location Platform

We envision a world where every building is accessible and smart. We’re here to make it happen.

Leading the Way in Indoor Location Technology

At PoiLabs, we’re not just innovators; we are a global technology leader in indoor location technology. Our mission is clear: connect people with buildings seamlessly and intuitively.

Empowering Access Driven by a passion for inclusion, our unique solutions cater especially to the visually impaired and blind, ensuring every venue is accessible and navigable.

Digitizing Spaces We merge the tangible with the digital. Through our platform, businesses transform their physical domains, enhancing customer experiences and harnessing the power of location-based insights.

Trusted Globally With our technology embedded in over 500 venues, from airports to retail stores, we’re proud to scale reliable location experiences worldwide.

What Makes PoiLabs Stand Out?

Most Accurate

The most accurate indoor positioning system, with an accuracy of 1-5 meters

Maps for All

Our mission is inclusivity, making spaces accessible for everyone.

Trusted Worldwide

Over 500 venues like airports, malls, schools, museums, and train stations.


Innovation is in our DNA. Agile and forward-thinking, we’re continually investing in R&D.

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