About PoiLabs

PoiLabs is a tech start-up having one of the largest IBeacon networks. It provides location-based services like indoor analytics, proximity marketing, and indoor navigation. According to the last Proxi Report, PoiLabs is in the top 15 out of 400 proximity solution providers in the world. Many retailers like Hopi, Beymen, and Boyner are using PoiLabs location-based services in order to understand their customers’ behavior and to reach them with the right offer at the right micro-location. İş Bankası is enhancing its customers’ cash withdrawal experience in 5.000+ ATMs with the help of custom designed PoiLabs ibeacons. PoiLabs provides indoor navigation for the visually impaired in 30 Malls across Turkey. It is a partner of Wayfinder and helps them to improve the standards of indoor navigation for the visually impaired. PoiLabs, is founded with the goal of creating funds to ensure the long-term sustainability of YGA ( an NGO ) by YGA volunteers.

Poilabs' CEO and founder Ersin Güray's photo.

Ersin Güray

CEO & Founder

Poilabs' CTO Ergin Aktaş's photo.

Ergin Aktaş


Poilabs' sales manager Ertan Sabah's photo.

Ertan Sabah

Sales Management

Poilabs' data and backend developer Osman Taşçı's photo.

Osman Taşçı

Data & Backend

Poilabs' electronics engineer Emrecan Gidik's photo.

Emrecan Gıdık

Electronics Engineer

Poilabs' mobile developer Emre Kuru's photo.

Emre Kuru

Mobile Developer

Poilabs' operation specialist Zafer Arpacıoğlu's photo.

Zafer Arpacıoğlu

Operation Specialist

Poilabs' map designer Mehmet Raşid Üçkardeşler's photo.

Mehmet Raşid Üçkardeşler

Map Designer