Security and Privacy​

We prioritize security and data privacy, consistently working to ensure that all data is securely protected and meets regulatory standards.
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You’re in control of your data

You have control over your data. At PoiLabs, we’ve designed our system to ensure that customers can manage their data at all times. We reinforce this control with robust data security measures. Your data is protected, encrypted, and never shared with external individuals or organizations.
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Your data's security is our priority. ​

At PoiLabs, we implement rigorous measures to shield your data from unauthorized access, usage, modification, or loss. Our infrastructure utilizes top-tier enterprise systems like Microsoft Azure, adhering to the latest security protocols. We ensure all servers and systems are regularly updated with the newest patches as per Microsoft Azure’s policies, and we conduct virus scans on files accessible through our secure VPN. Data is securely encrypted both during transmission and while stored in the database, and cannot be accessed via the internet—access is only granted through our secure VPN with the correct credentials. We meticulously log all system access, both internal and external, to deter malicious activities. PoiLabs also monitors for irregular access patterns, whether they stem from password breaches or unusual endpoints.

Information Security Policy

We aim to :
  • Ongoing enhancement of our information security management system.  
  • Regularly assessing risks and mitigating those that exceed acceptable levels. 
  • Maintaining high levels of information security awareness among our team members. 
  • Giving priority to business continuity. 
  • Adhering to our committed service level agreement (SLA) timelines.  
  • Fully complying with all legal and regulatory requirements related to information security.

We Comply with GDPR

Ensuring user privacy is at the forefront of designing, delivering, and supporting our products and services. We provide individuals and businesses with clear tools for consent and preference management, enabling them to manage their location data more effectively.

Learn more about our Information Security Policy

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