Information Security Management System Policy

Date: November 17, 2023

POILABS has established, implemented, and maintained an information security management system. In this context, the POILABS management commits to:

  • Fulfilling applicable conditions, legal and other requirements within the management system;
  • Continually improving the management system;
  • Determining, understanding, and regularly meeting the needs and expectations of customers and relevant parties, as well as legal and other requirements;
  • Identifying and addressing risks and opportunities that may affect the conformity of products and services, as well as enhancing customer satisfaction;
  • Sustaining a focus on increasing customer satisfaction;
  • Enhancing the performance of the management system;
  • Managing risks associated with the use of mobile devices under the information security management system, and establishing supportive security measures;
  • Implementing supportive security measures to protect information accessed, processed, or stored in remote work environments under the information security management system;
  • Effectively applying access control based on business and information security requirements under the information security management system;
  • Ensuring the use of cryptographic controls to protect information and effectively managing cryptographic keys, their protection, and their lifecycle compliance;
  • Ensuring compliance with clean desk and clean screen policies;
  • Managing and testing the backup of information, software, and system images;
  • Protecting information transfer through all types of communication means;
  • Managing system administration with suppliers, subcontractors, contractors, and stakeholders, and keeping the necessary communication secure;
  • Managing risks in the most effective and efficient manner, minimizing risks through all necessary activities;
  • Encouraging active participation of employees in the information security management system and ensuring the continuity of this internal communication;
  • Effectively making activities under the information security management reliable through technical, administrative, and process management.

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