Apple iOS 13: New Privacy And Security Features

As expected, iOS 13 will introduce some modifications in location permissions and a brand new Bluetooth permit, which will be accessible later this autumn. Let’s look at what’s changed.

This new update, which will include repeated notifications to allow users to see if the app is using their own location in the background, shows Apple’s attitude to location privacy.

Three alternatives have been available so far: “always”, “never” or “while using”. This time, new update comes with the option “only once”.

iOS 13 puts people in charge of applications that want to scan for nearby Bluetooth devices. Nevertheless, app owners who want to use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals for location tracking will be able to access the location data in background.

  • First, app users will be asked to allow the grant “only once,” “while using” or “never” not “always.”
  • Second, if users agree to sharing their location there will be a second questioning of consent for “while using” or “always.”
  • A clear explanation on why application want to access Bluetooth in the background, can be given while requesting location permission.
  • If they choose the option “always” application will be available in the background for accessing location information.

In the forthcoming days, we’ll see how the changes will affect location tracking.

Apple iOS 13: New Privacy And Security Features
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