Are You Concerned For Your Private Data? Here is the Reason Why You Shouldn’t Worry!


What is Beacon anyways?

Beacons are small and simple Bluetooth radio transmitter and they repeatedly transmit a particular signal that other devices able to see. Every Beacon has a special ID, so it can help the listening device to choose which Beacon is near. Beacon’s unique ID  gets broadcast to a receiver like your smartphone. From that point, we can assume the software of the receiver as an app and can deliver the special content to the user. It has 3 main parts; radio, a central processing unit (CPU), and the batteries. All of them are working with Bluetooth low energy and it’s the real deal because it means you can use it efficiently for a longer period.

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No one is watching you! It Just a Fairy Tale

The huge myth about the Beacon technology is a lot of people believe these devices can collect special information about them. It’s a huge misunderstanding. Beacons are just basic devices so simple logic over here is they can not get your special information.  They are not security cameras or Bluetooth scanners they can not capture your or collect MAC addresses sent from smartphones without the application. But as all the myths this one is coming from one true thing. When you installed the beacon-enabled app and say yes when it asks you to use your location and choose the always option things are changing a little bit. After consumers allowed the application, it can learn where the user visits and how users use the application. Although this sounds a brach of privacy this small device can’t get your ID, your name or your secret pieces of information. In conclusion, you don’t have to worry about your privacy. Just lay back and enjoy the new technologies that help you to get a perfect shopping experience.

Are You Concerned For Your Private Data? Here is the Reason Why You Shouldn’t Worry!
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