Bluetooth is getting smarter!

Bluetooth just got a lot smarter which is great news for the future of iBeacon and the Internet of Things (IoT). Bluetooth 4.2 offers improved privacy protection and lower power consumption. It’s also a lot faster and more reliable syncing data 2.5x faster than Bluetooth 4.0.

The enhancements to the Bluetooth Core Specification create significant advantages for both developers and manufacturers, while providing a better user experience for end users.

Key features of Bluetooth 4.2 include:

  • Low-power IP
  • Bluetooth Smart Internet gateways
  • LE Privacy 1.2
  • LE Secure Connections
  • LE Data Length Extension

We’re particularly excited about the security upgrades, which mean end users have more control around which apps track them and send notifications using beacon technology. In addition, the faster data transfer will mean devices and apps won’t have to use as much battery power and will therefore last longer.

Bluetooth is getting smarter!
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