How can visually impaired move freely in indoor places?

As Poi Team, we’re very happy to solve this problem via beacon technology. Because, My Walk Pal enables the visually imparied to walk freely at İstinyePark with the partnership of Turkcell, Young Guru Academy(YGA), İstinyePark and Poi.

My Walk Pal is an indoor navigation service at GSMA and MIT Technology Review award winner mobile app My Dream Partner. At İstinyePark, 87.000 square meter shopping area is covered by 270 Poi beacon. When visually impaired says the name of the store they want to go, they are navigated through to that store via Poi Indoor Navigation. Moreover, if they don’t want to go a particular store and walk around, they can hear the name of the stores nearby.

As General Manager of İstinyePark Tolga Eren mentioned, we’re not considering My Walk Pal a special project developed for İstinyepark, we believe it should be a requirement for all facilities. Therefore, we’ll keep working hard to remove the obstacles at the life of visually impaired.

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How can visually impaired move freely in indoor places?
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