Optimization in the Logistics Tasks with IoT Solutions

Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE) is the preferred solution for most of today’s industrial requirements because of its lower costs, higher flexibility and accuracy.  By 2022, more than 60 % of manufacturers will be using RTLS, RFID or Bar-Code Tracking, says Zebra Technologies.

Slotting Optimization

The location is highly essential in warehouses as the product location will directly affect productivity, worker safety, and order accuracy. Indoor positioning via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth create a digital and intelligent warehouse. For example, warehouse owners want to ensure that fast-moving products are at the most accessible locations, heavy items placed to minimize damage and optimize the total storage capacity. You can use IoT’s ability to collect, compile, and analyze asset performance data to find the ideal slotting.

Route Optimization

Did you know that route optimization with location based services increase hand-picking efficiency by more than %20?

Optimizing route in picking operations can decrease the amount of distance travelled by the selectors (pickers) . These solutions enhanceproductivity, save money and reduce time. Many modern warehouses use IoT analytics to calculate the route and optimize it using the criteria given by the company. The BLE sensor network essentially extends a wireless local data network into a warehouse, from where data is collected. Pickers do not need to examine the work order and can start collecting immediately.

Optimization in the Logistics Tasks with IoT Solutions
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