Unique Customer Experience Is Now Possible With Location-Based Technologies

overall-graphic-070915New technologies bring new opportunities for businesses to build up stronger relationships with their consumers. Location-based marketing one of the best tools that businesses use nowadays to create an experience and more personalized relationship with their consumers.

Star Tool of Location-Based Marketing

This part of marketing works in 3 ways: augmented location, beacon technology, and mobile app localization. One of them is stealing all the attention from the others and its name is Beacon. Beacons are hardware devices using the low Bluetooth energy that transmits single signals for other devices to see. But why this one stealing all the attention from other location-based tools? Easy! It has a lot to offer. With beacon, you can get signals to understand in-store consumer behavior, send push notification to get the right attention at the right time from consumers and increase the personalized relationships with them.

Statistic Never Lies

According to research, retailers can increase profits by nearly 9%, with an ROI of 175%. Apart from the revenue, over 70% of shoppers who received a push notification via beacon said:” It made them more likely to make a purchase during a store visit”. As an example, CVS – the biggest pharmacy in the USA – using real-time push notification to send reminders to their costumers, instead of sending them coupons or emails. 62% of customers said the beacon-powered push notifications improved their in-store experience. Also, Walmart becomes a partner with GE for Beacon technology, not just personalized notifications but also to save tons of energy cost by putting beacons directly in led light bulbs.

Picture In Local

Hopi start its journey with beacon technology with the help of PoiLabs. The purpose of the Hopi is to create an engagement platform via mobile apps. Hopi has an agreement with more than 100 brands and when customers walk into one of them, businesses can get the data to understand how much time consumers spend on the X category of product, which notification campaign more effective customer or loyal or first-time user at the end of the day.

Engagement Is The Key

Mass marketing is not working anymore and to create brand awareness and loyal customers business has to be more creative about their image in the customers’ mind. Business is all about exchanging and for this case customer who fell special about their self because of the personalized unique attraction they get satisfied experience and in exchange they will give their loyalty to the business.

Location-Based Marketing

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Unique Customer Experience Is Now Possible With Location-Based Technologies
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