Which mobile device has which bluetooth chip?

There are millions of Bluetooth Low Energy devices in the world: Mobile devices. In fact iBeacon technology is only one use of the Bluetooth Loe Energy technology. Mobile phones and tablet PC’s can know where they’re next to because they’re all BLE devices.

For many years, mobile phones includes Bluetooth features but what changed now? Bluetooth Low Energy spend 100 times less energy than classic Bluetooth. Therefore, mobile devices don’t lose power and the battery of the beacon devices last for years. All mobile device brands have BLE capacity and most of the Apple and Android devices supports beacons. Having a device which has Bluetooth 4.0 chips is needed in order to make use of beacons or BLE. Which mobile device has which Bluetooth chips is also important in terms of beacon testing. Here’s the answer of this question.


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Which mobile device has which bluetooth chip?
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