7 Companies Embracing iBeacon Technology

1. Virgin Atlantic

The world-wide airliner has been testing Apple iBeacons potential for quite some time now. It kicked off its beacon campaign back in May 20original14 at London Heathrow. Smartphones with the Apple Passbook, which is nearly every iPhone these days, can communicate with beacons located at this airport. For example, a person’s boarding pass automatically pops up when they enter the beacon’s transmission range. In addition, the beacons are equipped with a thermometer on it, so staff can bring blankets when the temperature drops to low levels! How convenient!

2. Miami International

OxivfYpSticking with the air travel theme, Miami International Airport became the very first airport to fully beaconize all entrances, check in counters, gates and baggage claim carousels. By installing beacons throughout the airport, travelers will be able to receive precise information on delayed flights, flight arrivals, boarding times and much more. Passengers at Miami Airport will now have hyper-relevant updates at every point of their journey through the airport.

3. Applethirdstreetpromenade_hero

Apple has installed beacons in all of their U.S stores. Its no surprise that the company that has revolutionized beacon technology has embraced it themselves back in December 2013. Phones with the Apple App Store app can get notifications of when their Apple Genius is ready to meet with them, or notifications about when their repairs are complete.

4. Major League Baseball

iBeacon-in-Stadium-MLB-470x260By the end of March 2014, 20 of the 30 teams in the league installed each of their stadiums with about 100 beacons. EACH. That is a lot of beacons guys. These beacons connect with MLB’s At The Ballpark app, transmitting relevant information such as points of interest within the stadium, coupons for the fan shop, in addition to maps that make it easy to navigate around and find your seats.

5. Macy’s

Macy’s became the first retailer to roll out a large scale beacon deplyoment at more that 800 of its flagship stores. According to the company that it partnered with, more than 4,000 beacons are to be installed to engage shoppers at every corner of the store. The beacons will send out personalized department level deals, discounts, recommendations and rewards.

6. InMarket

inMarket’s Mobile 2 Mortar iBeacon platform is rapidly growing, now reaching over 30 million shoppers across its network. inMarket’s core strategy is reaching consumers in-store through relevant shopping apps. They aim to enhance the shopping experience for the average customer; for example, pinging users with relevant recipes they’ve liked in the past when they walk into the spices aisle of their favorite grocery store.

7. Replicon

Replicon, a company who specializes in time tracking software, announced back in October that its award-winning time tracking software will support the use of iBeacons. Instead of manually punching in when you arrive at work and punching out again after a long day, users install their app which communicates with beacons installed at entry/exit points. The app clocks a worker in when passing the beacon, and vise versa for checking out. In addition, Replicon’s time tracking solution virtually eliminates the human error involved with the payroll processing of written timesheets.

Reference: http://www.ibeacon.com/7-companies-embracing-ibeacon-technology/

7 Companies Embracing iBeacon Technology
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