Get ready to see beacons at the billboards!

Digital Social Retail ,a division of Holosfind Group, signed a sales contract and licensing partnership with a Mexican company to create the first proximity network in an urban center of Mexico, the city of Monterrey. The contract includes an initial launch of more than 150 Beacons that will be deployed in and around Monterrey, Mexico. This launch is planned in the month of July.

The partnership provides that other cities could install similar networks in other densely populated urban centers in Mexico such as Mexico City, Guadalajara. The objective of this contract is to install thousands of beacons throughout the streets and public infrastructure in Mexico and Latin America.

Beacons will be installed inside billboards and displays around the city of Monterrey. Residents who have a compatible application on their mobile phone, and who “opted-in” will receive notifications pushed by beacons” when they pass close to one of the billboards, including in their moving vehicles. They can then browse all kinds of local information, weather, traffic, videos, and receive coupons and marketing messages of advertisers.

The group plans to work with national and local communications and publishing groups to reach mobile users by offering a new experience of information and nearby shopping.

At a time when Facebook just launched its own beacon solution, the Holosfind group through this success demonstrates that its technology and strategic development conducted over several months bears fruit in a nascent market, and intends to be a leading player in this world of internet giants.


Get ready to see beacons at the billboards!
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