L’Oréal Sets its Sights on the Modern Shopper

Sustaining customer loyalty in the beauty and cosmetics industry isn’t pretty; it’s a constant challenge. Given the growing competition, voluminous number of products, and array of prices, marketers must find innovative ways to engage today’s empowered and tech-savy shoppers.

Christophe Eymery knows firsthand the intricacies of marketing to today’s beauty obsessed consumers.  As the head of digital for L’Oréal Australia and New Zealand, he oversees digital development for a portfolio of 27 brands.

About 80 percent of the population are smartphone users and iOS dominates the market. In terms of web traffic, more than half of the traffic L’Oréal see on their websites comes from from mobile. Therefore they have a mobile app, Makeup Genius, which helps consumers find the right products for themselves using augmented reality. The app scans your face and identifies features like your nose, lips, and eyes. The idea is to show you what products look like on your face so if you scan the barcode of a lipstick, the app will provide an overlay that’s matched to your lips. The app also has how-to videos to show you how to best use the makeup.

Makeup Genius gives you a reason to engage with L’Oréal brands by helping you navigate the many products we offer. Eymery says “We’re also looking at activating the SDK for iBeacon within the app to retarget users. For example, let’s say you tried a certain look with the app while you were in the store. So, the next time you’re in the store, we might send a prompt to try another look. The SDK will also link data from the Makeup Genius app to our Salesforce platform and Salesforce can handle the various points of the customer journey.” It seems we will see further news about iBeacon use of L’Oréal.

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L’Oréal Sets its Sights on the Modern Shopper
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