A First in Turkey from Poi and Yapı Kredi!


Award winner corporate university Yapı Kredi Banking Academy has developed YKBA mobile application with Poi.

YKBA mobile app is the first location based mobile application in the corporate education area.

One of the best corporate university of the world: Yapı Kredi Banking Academy is covered by 100 Poi beacon. More than 20.000 is participating education programs at the Academy. When they enter the academy, they’ll walk around the whole academy and learn YKBA in more detail. If it’s the first time that a visitor coming to the academy, he/she can easily find the classes. Poi Indoor Navigation help them to navigate till the door of the class. YKBA mobile app has many features including welcome notifications, events nearby.

For more details, contact us right now!

A First in Turkey from Poi and Yapı Kredi!
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